Rounded Rectangle: Gelencser House Concerts in Claremont

Promoting acoustic music in the Inland Valley

Opening Night Variety Show

Opening Night Variety Show

June 30, 2007

This was our first show.  With a raised dining room and an adjacent large living room, people had often told us that our house was perfect for a house concert.  We finally consented and invited friends from Songmakers along with friends with whom we play music to put together a show.  It only took a few moves of the couch and coffee table and we had our seating area. We had so much fun that we decided to do it again a few months later inviting our good friend from Songmakers, Jim St. Ours.  Next we found ourselves snooping around various smaller venues to see what acts they had booked and the house concert series began!

What’s Next” Janice Gelencser, Alan Davis, Debra Thorimbert, George Thorimbert and Andy Gelencser

Bramble and the Rose” Monroe Polk, Janice Gelencser, Alan Davis

“Lisa Sears and Greg Cash

South Coast”  Don Truby and Jean Pickard