Rounded Rectangle: Gelencser House Concerts in Claremont

Promoting acoustic music in the Inland Valley

Past Performances


 1. Opening Night Variety Show—June 30

    “What’s Next”   Folk, blues, bluegrass

   “Bramble and the Rose” Folk, country and soft rock

     Lisa Sears/Greg Cash acoustic rock and blues  

     South Coast” 60’s and contemporary folk songs,


2.  Jim St. OursOctober 6

     Singer songwriter and member of Songmakers

3  “The Folk Collection”— November  10

     Three part harmony trio singing folk songs of the 60’s .

4.    John York — January 17

       Former member of the Byrds     

5.    Mary McCaslinFebruary 17

       Ballads of the old west and modern times

6.    Barry McGuire and John YorkMarch 22

       Songs and stories from the 1960’s

7.   “The Alley Cats” April 19,

       One of the best do-wop groups in So California

8.   “I See Hawks In L.A.”-- May 17

       Alternative country with many musical influences       

9.   “Sligo RagsJune 7

        Celtic tunes, Irish, and a touch of bluegrass

10.   Severin Browne—July 12

        Singer/songwriter singing songs from his heart

11.  “South Coast”/Roger Maxwell - September 12

        Americana  Folk and cowboy songs   

12.   Bill Staines– October 10

       Traditional folk tunes and contemporary ballads

13.  “The Folk Collection”— November 10

        Three part trio singing folk songs of the ’60’s

14.  Laurence JuberFebruary 21

       Lead guitarist in Paul McCartney’s “Wings”

15.  John York—March 28

       Former member of “The Byrds

16.  Severin Browne - June 20

       Singer/songwriter singing songs from his heart

17.  Barry McGuire and John York—July 11

       Songs and stories from the 1960’s

18.  John Batdorf - September 12

       Singer/songwriter folk rock

19.  Bill Staines – October 10

      Traditional folk tunes and contemporary ballads

20.  Jerry Burgan (with Thorlow Chow, bass)- November

       Co-founder of group “We Five”



21.  Jim and Anne Curry - January 9

       Husband and wife John Denver tribute duo

22.  Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen - February 12

       Folk and traditional music and original songs

23.  Small Potatoes - March 19

       Country, blues, swing, Irish with storytelling

24.  James HurleyApril 17

       Blues and jazz

25.  Barry McGuire and John York   May 15

       Stories and songs from the sixties

26.  Jack Tempchin — June 12

       “Peaceful Easy Feeling”

27.  Ross AltmanJuly 17

       Singer/songwriter and political activist

28.  Po’ Girl– September 26

       Urban roots music

29.  John York (with Chad Watson, bass)– October 23

       Former member of the “Byrds”

30.  Richard Berman–  November 20


31.  Stephanie Bettman and Luke Halpin -January 22

       Bluegrass, Folk,

32. Tim Tedrow-Terry Vreeland/Brad Annan –        

       February 12th-   Singer/songwriters, classic rock

33.  Steve Gillette and Cindy MangsenMarch 4

       Singer/writers and traditional folk

34.  Jim and Anne Curry– May 21st

       John Denver Tribute

35. Barry McGuirre and John YorkJuly 9th

      Songs and stories of the sixties

36. Jerry Burgan and FriendsSeptember 24th

       Songs and stories with music from the 60’s

37.  Nathan McEuen -October 22nd


38. John York January 21st

      Former member of the “Byrds”

39.  Houston Jones– February 18th 

      Americana quintet-originals, folk, ,blues

40. Ronny Cox- March 24th

      Actor and singer/songwriter; contemporary folk music

41. Barry McGuirre and John York– May 5th

      Songs and stories from the sixties.

42. Jim and Anne Curry October 27th

      John Denver Tribute Show

43. Barry McGuire and John York  December 1st

      Songs and stories of the 1960’s

44. Songmakers Variety Evening –January 19th

      South CoastAmerica Music

      HarmonistasMulti genre women’s harmony group

      Merlin and Debbie Snider– Singer/songwriter

45. Steve Gilette and Cindy Mangsen—March 1st

      Folk duo, originals and traditional folk

46. Lou and Peter Barryman– March 8th

      Folk duo, original humorous songs

47. Severin Browne– June 22nd


48. John Batdorf– July 27th

       Singer/songwriter folk rock







49. Small Potatoes –January 24th

      Country, blues, swing and storytelling

50Craig & Sabrina and The Harmonistas Feb. 22nd

      Variety of genres including originals

51. Tom Corbett —March 22nd

      Singer/songwriter; bluegrass

52. Jim and Anne Curry– May 10th

      Tribute to the music of John Denver


53.John York -June 21st

      Former member of the “Byrds”

54 John York without Barry McGuirre July 26th

      Barry was ill, John did their show alone

55. Laurence Juber-Sept 20th

      Lead guitarist in “Wings”



56. Steve Gillette and Cindy MangsenMarch 6th        

      Folk duo, originals and traditional folk

57Marley’s Ghost April 12th

      Variety of genres including originals

58. Tracy Newman- May 2nd


59John York– June 20th

       Former member of the Byrds      

60. James Lee Stanley July 18th


61. Muriel Anderson August 30th

      Classical guitarist

62. Christine Lavin with friends and Daniel Cainer Nov. 27th

      Variety, comedy, singer/songwriters


63. The Macmammals andThe Harmonistas -Mar 12th

       Celtic music and multi-genre harmonies

64. Anne Hills April 23rd


65. John York July 23rd

       Former member of the Byrds

66. Marley’s Ghost August 21st

       Multi-genre, multi-harmony band

67. Melanie (Brand New Key) September 3rd

      Singer/songwriter from the early 70’s

68. Tracy Newman and Art Podell October 22nd


69. Bernice Lewis November 19th



70. Steve Gillette and Cindy MangsenFeb. 18th        

      Folk duo, originals and traditional folk

71. John Zipperer and FriendsJune 10th        

      Americana music and originals

72. Tim Tedrow  and the Wild Mountain Mystics – Sept. 23rd        

      Classic Rock and Originals.

73. John York   October 14th

       Former member of the Byrds and 12-string virtuoso


74. Tall Man GroupJune 23rd 

      Six talented singer/songwriters

75. Louise GoffinJuly 14th

      Singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist


76. John YorkOctober  20th

      Singer/songwriter, 12 string virtuoso


77. John YorkOctober  20th

      Singer/songwriter, 12 string virtuoso

78. Men of WorthNovember 24th

       Celtic Irish Scottish duo


79. Dan Frachette/Laurel Tompsen and John      

       ZippererFebruary 6th  (Americana Music)