Promoting acoustic music in the Inland Valley


Rounded Rectangle: Gelencser House Concerts in Claremont

Claremont couple opens new venue for folk-music concerts

By Will Bigham, Staff Writer Inland Valley Daily Bulletin: 01/17/2008 07:11:55 AM PST

Janice and Andy Gelencser longed for an intimate folk music venue in the Inland Valley, so they took matters into their own hands - they established it in their home.

On performance days, the Gelencsers convert their dining room to a stage and open their living room for audience members to enjoy the performances.

"We love folk music, we love acoustic music, so we're trying to set up a place in the Inland Valley for people to come and enjoy it," said Janice Gelencser. "There's a lot of stuff like that in the West L.A. area, but not in the Inland Valley."

Since the Gelencsers hosted their first performance last summer, they have been able to book relatively prominent folk music artists.

        Former Byrds member, John York will perform Saturday, and booked for future performances are Barry McGuire, best known for his 1965 No. 1 single "Eve of Destruction", and Los Angeles roots band I See Hawks in L.A.

Janice Gelencser, 57, grew up in Southern California as a fan of '60s folk music, and at age 15 she taught herself to play guitar.

She and her husband purchased their home in Claremont four years ago with the idea of using it as a venue - they chose the home in part for its large living room.

"We've always liked that kind of music," she said. "We grew up with that kind of music, and we play that kind of music ourselves. We enjoy living-room song circles."


York's performance at the Gelencsers' Requa Avenue home will

begin at 8 p.m. It will be the fourth performance at the venue.

"It's the kind of setting that music is supposed to be in, I think, with people sitting around and listening to music in an informal setting," York said.

There is a $15 suggested entry donation. All proceeds go to the musicians, said Janice, to encourage and promote folk music.

To reserve a space at the show, or for more information, call (909) 596-1266.