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November 27, 2015

Christine Lavin with friends

and Daniel Cainer


Christine Lavin is a singer/songwriter and is known for her sense of humor in her music and onstage performances. She writes hilarious commentaries on personal and societal foibles and a broad spectrum of unlikely subjects. Along with visuals, Chris uses her original songs, comic monologues, quizzes, contests, and the frequent use of a Boomerang sampling device that multiplies and delays her voice into harmonies and swirling rounds.

Christine brought some of her talented friends who added to her show with a variety of intriguing and fun arrangements of standards and original tunes.


Daniel Cainer is a singer/songwriter who tours in the UK and the US .† He has† written songs for† documentaries and dramas for all major UK networks for both TV and radio.† His shows include stories in song with a Jewish theme (but you donít have to be Jewish to appreciate it.)† ††††††††††††††††††††††

Christine Lavin

Christine Lavin and friends

Daniel Cainer

The finale with the entire group

Christine Lavin with friends


Daniel Cainer