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Rounded Rectangle: Gelencser House Concerts in Claremont

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All shows begin at 7:30pm unless otherwise specified

April 21, 2018                                                                                            Billy Kemp                                                                             Donation: $15                                                      Donation: $15


John York is a multi-instrumentalist and musical eclectic who is perhaps best known for his work with the Byrds..John's vocal and instrumental talents have kept him in the company of such musical luminaries as Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark, Clarence White, Mac Rebenack (Dr. John,) Doug Sahm (The Sir Douglas Quintet,) The Mamas and Papas, Johnny Rivers, and Richard and Richard Manuel (The Band)……and  many others. Continuing in the Byrds tradition, John sings with a rich emotional voice and favors the 12 string guitar. His music is strongly rooted in America. 

October 13, 2018                                                           John York                                                                          Donation: $15

Billy Kemp has been playing guitar for over forty five years and also plays the banjo, bass, harmonica, piano and anything else he can get a sound out of.  He hangs his hat in Nashville, Tennessee though doesn’t spend much time there since he is on the road averaging five or six tours annually taking him all over the United States, Canada and the British Isles.  Making things out of music is what he does best by creating a life cycle of songs which are first written, then recorded and finally shared with an audience when a whole new journey begins. Over the past 40 years, Billy has recorded five solo albums and written over two hundred songs. He has played at the Grand Ole Opry and played rock and roll on international rock tours.   He has worn the hat of producer, facilitator, teacher and  composer.   Other accomplishments include running a successful studio,  facilitating a music program at the Baltimore City Detention Center, teaching at the University of Maryland Baltimore County and composing music for Maryland Public Television. 

June 23, 2018                                                           Tall Man Group                                                                          Donation: $20

Tall Man Group In December of 2011 Jimmy Yessian invited five prominent Los Angeles performing songwriters to join him for a monthly gathering sharing food and original music. Each writer accepted the invitation and the group began meeting in January 2012. The songs created during these meetings inspired the group to join together as an acoustic touring act, “ Tall Men Group”. TMG are Marty Axelrod, Severin Browne, Jeff Kossack, John Stowers, Ed Tree and Jimmy “Muffin” Yessian. In November 2012 they toured from the West coast as far north as Hillsboro, Oregon and back. The overwhelming audience response and success of that tour prompted the band to release their first album 12 by 6. Available now on CD baby and iTunes.